Advisory and Restructuring

Alfonso Sonato is a well-known and esteemed professional operating for more than forty years in northern Italy in the field of strategic consultancy for tax, corporate and banking matters. Faced with the unprecedented crisis that is affecting businesses, he promoted the "SO.N.A.R." project (Sonato Network Advisory and Restructuring), professional, multidisciplinary and adaptive network.

Among the founders also dr. Matteo Bonetti, specialist in business crises and dr. Roberto Dalla Pellegrina, expert in company evaluation and consultancy.

The network involves other high-level professionals in the legal, managerial, extraordinary and innovative finance fields.

Like the instrument used in boats, the SO.N.A.R. network also uses a simple but effective technique to locate both invisible obstacles and "friendly ships" and opportunities. In other words, we have the ambition to assist the navigation of the company in the "new normal" of its business, even in the emergency context.

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