The Office

Studio Sonato, founded in Verona in 1980 by Alfonso Sonato, a Chartered Accountant and Auditor, has constantly expanded over the years without giving up the original approach of high quality level.  This was also made possible thanks to the efforts of professionals and assistants who successfully achieved training and various steps of experience in the Firm or in other high-profile businesses.

A well-sized integrated consulting structure has gradually been set up which assists the customers, mainly formed of businesses organized as companies, entities and institutions, with sternness, expertise, specialization and method.
Specializations of the members of the Office are coordinated so as to maintain the traditional person-to-person customer-professional confidence relationship, backed up by an important organization that gets the best out of the different areas of expertise.

Legal consulting is also offered, especially referring to civil, corporate and bankruptcy law with the cooperation with major firms in Milan and Rome. This well-established cooperation has been put in place so as to supplement the activities on specific sectors of expertise and to assist the customers in performing extraordinary transactions.
Members of the Office are also partners in a capital company with its own independent management and organization and which heads a specific structure that handles activities that are related with professional consulting such as administrative services and formalities.  This structure mainly offers global accounting outsourcing services as well as domiciliation services for companies or entities that refer to the main customers.

Finally, long-term relationships have created a network of experts in law, taxation and finance, qualified from all standpoints and able to fully meet the requirements of the clientele both in Italy and Abroad.